8 Important Official Information About Elden Ring

.. .8 Important Official Information About Elden Ring

Elden Ring has fallen silent after a lot of waiting and a lot of leaks and rumors, 8 Important Official Information About Elden Ring and it’s finally officially confirmed for its release on January 21, 2022.

Bandai Namco has published a file containing many new interesting details. About the upcoming game, and we have decided to share all this valuable information. With you in one report that we share with you below.

The biggest game from FromSoft

The new official file from the company indicated that the upcoming game will be the largest game. In the history of the Dark Souls game developer so far. Perhaps this was somewhat noticeable in the new presentation. Attached above, where we saw a vast World,  in which the player. Travels through a horse, evidence of its greatness, which in itself is something unprecedented in the history of Souls games

Connected world

The developer’s games are famous for many things, most notably worlds. Connected to each other in a smart way, and hidden puzzles and secrets. Areas inside them. Elden Ring will have this distinctive. Theme from the developer, we will have a connected world with dangerous, complex, mysterious, and connected places. As you begin to explore the game world, take a look at ways that may shorten your journey!

interactive weather Within the new official information,

the company confirmed the existence of realistic weather that simulates. Nature and has an interactive mechanism between night and day. This is another interesting feature in the upcoming game because of the developer. Usually introduces ritual changes in his games or changes of day and night in conjunction with the player’s progress in events and in a constant that cannot be changed, but the new development project will give us a world with weather that continues to change between night and day.

NPCs can help you or cause harm

Another highlight of FromSoft’s games is the NPCs, the non-playable characters, who have always had their own role in telling the story of the game and have always had a distinct story for each one.

Fortunately, the new game from the developer will maintain this salient point after officially confirming the backgrounds of these characters’ stories and distinctive interactions that will result from this character’s tendency to help the player or harm him.

Diverse environments

Since the game world will be larger than usual, the developer will undoubtedly take advantage of this opportunity to increase the richness of diversity in different environments and regions.

The official dossier already mentioned this, talking about grassy plains, poisoned swamps (or dirty, the formal expressions were not clear), great mountains, distinctive-looking castles, and other environments and regions that come from a wide design range unprecedented in any previous FromSoftware game.

Story plot hints

We have not yet officially obtained enough details to talk about the story of the game, and even if we get such details, it will be difficult to talk about them clearly due to the usual theme of the developer hiding the details of his stories within the game, and therefore we may not be able to explain the official statements about the story now before We got our hands on the game, but at least it gives us a glimpse into the plot of the story.

In the events of the. Elden Ring, there is something called. The Golden.  The order looks like a world order and has apparently. Been hacked or broken and the player must get it. Something called the Elden Ring . in order to become the Elden Lord between these areas

Perhaps this means that there is a ring of some shape that the player will have to obtain to rise to the rank of kings and be able to travel between the regions of the world in this way after The Golden Order stops working properly and maybe the decision to fix it may depend on it or not? These are just predictions, in fact, for now, nothing more.

You can design your own character

The idea of ​​designing your character is still present in the new title of the developer, despite the plot that we talked about above, but it will not affect the feature to customize the appearance of your character like the previous games of the developer.

This means that You will also be able to choose the character’s class according to what suits your playing style if you want to use magic more than heavy weapons, for example, and of course, the game world will hide a lot of weapons, magical moves, etc.

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