7 Best Snapchat Alternatives for iPhone and Android

7 Best Snapchat, alternatives for iPhone, and android

Selfie lovers get a chance to make their photos extraordinary with these apps. Similar technology from Snapchat is used in these Snapchat alternatives. Snapchat alternatives aim to provide a more accurate experience compared to the original app. 7 Best Snapchat Alternatives for iPhone and Android

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Here we provide a list of Snapchat alternatives available for iPhone and Android to take more selfies. If you are a fan of coding from start to finish, you will definitely love Wickr. The Snapchat alternative is an open-source initiative. With the shredding function, the user can get rid of all the erased photos, messages, and videos. The app provides completely anonymous messages with a new key for each message and an adjustable expiration timer, ensuring that no one can track your conversations.

Similar to Snapchat, this Snapchat alternative app comes with useful filters, graffiti, and stickers for taking pictures. Users can send media files to their contacts and groups without leaving any fingerprint to track them back. There are no annoying ads and degrading.  Your experience while using the App. No phone number or email is required, to register with the app.

How to Download: iOS | Android

Ready to use an app that is packed.  with amazing and unique. features then Dust is a must-try app. As a Snapchat alternative, this app inherits features like self-destructing. messages and pinning messages to remember conversations. The user is immediately notified if the message of the recipient is trying to capture the message in the form of a screenshot. You can use the messaging app to discuss personal matters or send private media that will automatically destroy within 24 hours. Conversations on the app do not reach the device storage. There are no names shown in the message sent using this app.

Download: iOS | Android Boo!

Boo! The alternative is similar to Snapchat as a lite version of the app that mostly offers AR video chat. The video chat experience in the app is more fun and enjoyable than any other app. Through this app, you will easily get next-level experience in group chats.

The user needs to accept people as a friend and can stay close to real friends in a completely safe as well as a private way. Take snapshots through the app’s 3D lenses and edit videos like never before. Add motion stickers, GIFs, and doodles to enhance the look of your captured shots. Just tapping on the profile picture starts a quick chat connection in the fastest way.

Download: iOS | Android Snow.

Snow is a popular alternative Snapchat app that has been downloaded and used by 100 million. users in the world. This app offers to send funny and unique stickers to your friends while you are talking to them. During video calls, users can add stickers and make the call more fun.

Posted videos can only be viewed, once by your friends. Share a video as a story on your profile to update it with friends. You can add video instantly with live face effects due to its simple interface. The user can also send video notes and invite people as well as friends to the group chat. Several new features such as analog movie and split-screen are present in the latest update of the app.

Download: iOS | Android MSQRD.

The app allows you to change the way you look with the help of amazing photo and video effects. With masks and effects, you can easily transform into a panda and make a face swap. The user interface of this Snapchat alternative app is simple and you can instantly use the effects on the photo.

The effects are categorized into various categories and allow you to easily select the preferred one. You can easily share the snaps using various social media platforms. Have fun with MQSRD like never before.


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