Bank job Titles And Career Progression

We will learn together about some departments of banks and the role of each of those departments. In addition to the nature of the work of each of them, and familiarity with the job. Tasks of bank employees and their job titles, including teller, Customer service, accounts employee. The comprehensive employee was familiar with all sections of the bank.Bank job Titles And Career Progression

Treasury Department

  It is one of the most important banking departments. Which serves as the heart of the banking cycle and is one of the most active departments. Within the bank, this department is the first responsible for the transactions of the public. The gentlemen of customers, and it fulfills all their requirements from withdrawing or depositing in its various forms and images. Which is assisted by the representative or agent. Who is responsible for all financial services represented. In withdrawals and deposits, money transfers currency exchange. and everything related to money. A deputy or an agent who Shares the responsibility of the treasury. In the application of the principle of dual control. 

 Banking Operations Department

  It is also one of the important sections in the bank. The work within this section is divided into two parts. The first part is its work with customers. The other part is its work with the rest of the bank’s departments. In particular with the credit department. It also implements all internal restrictions on the banking system. Works on following up. The movement of bills of exchange and its collection processes. In addition to its responsibility for implementing checks clearing operations. 

 Customer Service Department

  It is the department responsible for receiving customers in the event he enters the bank to perform certain operations, where the customer service staff receives the customer upon entering the bank and knows the services the customer needs and fulfills those requests, especially with new customers when they visit the bank for the first time. His services and trying to lure the customer to deal with the bank in all his banking business, such as opening a current account for him inside the bank and transferring all his deposits inside the bank, and this is what they call cross-selling. Which means selling something through something else. The VIP is in the branches with VIP customers, and this department has only one head.

 Credit Department

Credit means the trust provided by the bank to the customer, whether an individual or a company. To give the customer an amount of money. Which is known as a loan to be used for a specific purpose and during a specific agreed period of time. In addition to the existence of certain conditions and in return for an agreed financial return. Interest with taking bank guarantees that guarantee the return. The loan in the event of non-payment by the customer.

Within this section, loans are studied, which are granted. To individuals, companies, or small and medium enterprises. One of the specialties of the staff of this section is marketing operations by bringing companies. With a large and steady dealing volume. Meaning that no problems occur with them. Attempting to persuade those companies to deal. Facilities are taken on the volume of dealings through the bank. After a complete study of the company’s financial statements for a period of previous years. 

Bank job titles


The teller is the employee specialized in dealing. With cash money through check withdrawal or withdrawal through the window and deal. With the customer in the processes of depositing buying and selling change of currency. Which requires efficiency in dealing.

2. Customer Service

It is the process of offering banking products to customers dealing with the bank. Whether in the process of opening an account. Taking a personal loan, a car loan, or linking a deposit.

3. Account Of Explain

It is similar to the Customer Service function. which specializes in dealing with major companies by providing offers to companies from the bank facilities of the company or employees. Bank job Titles And Career Progression

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