Day R Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.694 Premium

This article will introduce you to the day r survival mod apk, the latest and greatest, and with full apk so we are providing the genuine version. We have Day R Survival Apk which is really working for Android and people feel happy about our service.

This exciting game doesn’t require you to possess any prior knowledge to enjoy it. Survival is the sole objective of this high-tech adventure. You must survive in the wilderness and battle wild animals, other survivors, and zombies. This game has many challenges. 

Introduce About Day R Survival

The Day R Premium game has similar events to Day R Survival. The outbreak of nuclear war in 1985 happened while you were in Russia. The country had suffered dozens of atom bombs by then. Radiation infected many people and they became mutants. This is the worst zombie type I have seen in mobile games.

You are a lucky survivor. Still, sometimes life can be harsher than death. To survive in such a situation, you must hunt for food, water, and make weapons to protect yourself while constantly fighting off monsters and terrifying mutants along the way.

Features In Day R Survival MOD APK:

Despite what seems to be impossible, you are a survivor. It is a survival game where you use guns to kill as many zombies as you can within the shortest amount of time, and there are also single-player and multiplayer modes for those who want more of a challenge.

There is a lot of action and excitement in the Day R Survival storyline. On a business trip to search for food and water, an ex-college student catches a bus to a small town in search of food and water. His friend mentioned that he was looking forward to a new adventure since he lost touch with his friends. He came to this point after discovering a mysterious virus, and now he has to learn to stay alive in order to fight off the zombies and survive the rest of the town.

Day R Survival In This Premium Version 2021?

As compared to its predecessor, Day R Premium offers many innovations and changes. It is our goal to provide the players with as much convenience and excitement as possible.

In terms of weapons, there are 2,500 fuses of explosives available, which will need to be collected and stored. It is also much sharper and clearer now. With this new map, all destinations marked on it can be visited.

You can find items you have crafted or collected during the game on the menu. Survival, Cooking, Chemistry, Mechanics, Sewing, and Blacksmithing are the categories. New to this version is the Blacksmithing section. You can store any item for your character at these classified warehouses without worrying about losing it.

What is the difficulty level of Day R Premium?

The game is extremely challenging, which ranks among the hard-core games. You will face many challenges in the game, such as hunger, disease, zombies, radioactive poisons, enemies, harsh weather, monsters, wild animals… The fragmented memories of your character also cause everything to seem uncertain.

MOD features 2021:

  • The unlimited supply of money
  • There are many items
  • Fully unlocked

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make sulfuric acid day r?

  1. Hospital lab (usually locked behind steel door)
  2. University lab (usually locked behind steel door)
  3. Garage (rare)
  4. Car workshop.
  5. Military Base Garages (rare)
  6. Fighting bees around Ufa and synthesizing sulfuric acid from acid glands.
  7. level 2 and 3 bandit city forts.
  8. from the nailed box.

What is Rp Day R Survival?

When the character has accumulated enough experience, there will be an increase in level. For each level starting with the 3rd, the character will receive Research Points (RP) which will be used to unlock the item schemes (e.g. the handmade pistol scheme). Initially, all schemes are locked and unavailable for use.

How To Download Day R Survival MOD Apk For Android?

  • Easy Download Proses 
  • Click The Download Button 

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