Five tips for getting a job in the USA.

Five tips for getting a job in the USA.

The way to get a job or a job in the United States.  of America is very different from that of the Arab countries, where there is no favoritism, mediation, or bribery, but everyone is equal in the job market because the first goal you are looking for any institution or company that wants to hire you is what you can offer for Nama And the continuation of this company, so professional experience is a very prerequisite for your acceptance into prestigious positions. Today, God willing, Five tips for getting a job in the USA.

We will give you seven steps. That will enable you simply to get a job in America. But before we start let’s get acquainted also with some basic and important.  Matters in the labor market in America.

In America there are two types of work:

A job in which the salary is monthly (meaning a specific salary that you receive every month, regardless of your daily working hours.

Hourly-paid work gives you the hourly price.  that you get monthly according to the number of hours I work.  which is the most prevalent work in America Chicago minimum is $10 an hour.

And in America, you can also work.

Parttime and this is to help students who have studied and it is called per time. There is the second type. which is full-time (you work. On weekdays and you have a weekend, Working per time, as I said earlier. is useful for university students, for example, you work two hours a day, or two days a week, and so on, according to the timing of your studies so that work does not distract you from studying and vice versa. Now we start with the steps to obtaining a job in America:

1. Decide what you want?

Develop a plan in which you define your principles in the job application. For example, if you are a Muslim, set preconditions for accepting the job, such as not dealing with alcohol, not working with semi-naked women, and not dealing with usury, meaning a set of conditions derived from the legal rulings of the Islamic religion, and then select the work options that suit you (Damm work Full or half-time. Hourly or monthly work. General manual work or certificate work…etc. Then trust in God and move to the next step.

2. Prepare your documents.

All business and employment programs require some necessary paperwork, so prepare your visa according to the nature of the work or job you are requesting:

The (f-1) visa allows students to get a job after completing the first academic year. The (M-1) visa requires that students complete their studies before seeking a job. From the college he is studying at, so you should prepare and organize your papers.

3. Create a unique CV.

Your CV and letters of recommendation are very important when applying for a job in the United States, especially if you want to work for a company that does not know you. The university, through some job advisors, conducts workshops to help you write your CV optimally.
Therefore, you should take advantage of these programs and receive instructions that help you create a good CV. You should mention in the CV your practical experience and skills, and you should write it correctly and design it to attract the attention of companies and employers.

4. Participate in internal and external training programs training courses.

Many colleges offer training programs, you can also apply for training abroad in some large or small companies.
Internship programs are among the best opportunities for international students, as they give them the opportunity to gain practical experience, making it easier for them to get a job opportunity upon graduation.

Search for training programs available in your field of study and register for them. Training courses create an atmosphere of competition so you have to do your best. These programs are easy and some colleges offer some training courses specifically designed for foreign students.

5. Use the Internet to find the right job.

The Internet helps you a lot and gives you a lot of advice that will help you to get a job, and there are programs for making CVs, and there are online jobs and blogs with a lot of instructions and tips that help you get a job if you are an international student.
There are also sites dedicated to foreign students in order to help them make a living and find suitable job opportunities for them, and nowhere is a list of many sites that specialize in job offers and employment in the United States of America that you can access and search for offers and jobs that suit you.

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