Working in the CBI is just one job.

Preferred place for job seekers.

Working in the CBI is just one job. It’s a step towards making an important career path. We are interested in improving our skills, expertise, and experience to contribute to the professional success of CIB employees. That’s why we intend to use the best recruitment methods to attract the best candidates, and after joining the company, we prepare our skills to provide a career that matches every skill. The preferred destination for those looking to get jobs

Education and development

All CBI employees have the opportunity to learn and develop their knowledge, skills, and knowledge at all stages of their careers and individual careers.

Educational opportunities include technology and business development programs, business, credit and risk training, marketing seminars, conferences, and extracurricular activities.

Leadership training includes leadership.

Development programs and management and leadership programs for managers in the retail banking industry, as well as new managers and management development programs. It sponsors degrees in Business Administration in Business Administration and Administration programs in Business Administration in Egypt and beyond.

Our goal is to have talented employees who know all fields, products, and services and are well-trained to develop strong communication management skills.

Salary and bonus.

The CIB offers Egyptians competitive incentives as well as special incentive packages to help them perform well and encourage exceptional results. In addition, the bank offers a number of benefits, including health insurance, social security, and other financial benefits.

We also conduct regular market research on the salaries, benefits, and benefits of employees of other banking institutions to ensure a high level of integrity and to identify market trends and best practices of the bank.

Code of Business Conduct

CBC uses a culture of teamwork to promote the values ​​of honesty, integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the World Bank Code of Conduct maintains the confidentiality of journalists’ data, ensures adequate compensation when reporting, promotes non-discrimination, and prevents all forms of harassment or intimidation of CBI employees. Prohibits The principle of equal opportunity.

Endless job opportunities are waiting for you at Alri Bank.

Ali Bank is a place where you can dream and build a career that reflects your skills and interests. We offer flexibility, exchange study opportunities, and offer career options with endless possibilities.

HR message.

At Ali Bank, we are always looking for new talent to join the team of recent graduates and experienced professionals. NBC also has ambitious plans to grow. This will continue to create special employment opportunities in NBC.

To become a leading bank in this field, we must attract and support aspirants from all walks of life. This means offering training and development programs that meet the needs and interests of employees, guiding them along the way, and helping them with strong job opportunities. We also believe in rewarding good deeds, encouraging creative thinking, and putting employees in charge of their careers. Joining Ali Banking Group provides unlimited career opportunities.

We want our gifts.

Employees (and future employees) Ali Bank: They are very proud of the company, their colleagues, and their work. We have a diverse workforce that shares the same values ​​that guide employees at all levels of the company. Do you share our values ​​of innovation, openness, responsibility, and entrepreneurship? If they apply for a job in National Bank!

If you want to join the “best team” during this exciting development and achieve your career goals at a major regional bank, check out the current jobs. Regardless of our level of experience or background, we like to be interested in the company and good luck.

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